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National Cancer Institute Exhibit Program

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The NCI Exhibit Planning Committee acts as an advisor to the NCI Exhibit Program and as a liaison between NCI Divisions, Offices, and Centers (DOCs) and the exhibit staff. Members’ recommendations and suggestions help align the NCI Exhibit Program with NCI research and resources. These initiatives are communicated to the various audiences attending professional and public meetings.

NCI Planning Committee Responsibilities:

  • Attend meetings twice a year
  • Represent the ideas, needs and concerns of the DOCs
  • Provide advice, advocacy, and support of the NCI Exhibit Program
  • Provide current information related to emerging trends and communication needs of DOC scientific areas
  • Build awareness of the Loaner Program and encourage its use within the DOCs
  • Encourage DOC subject matter experts to participate in “Meet the Experts” sessions at exhibits
  • Suggest possible meetings the NCI National Exhibit Program should consider for the upcoming year
  • Provide feedback and suggestions for improvements of the NCI Exhibit Program