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National Cancer Institute Exhibit Program

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PostHeaderIcon LOANER PROGRAM (For NCI staff use only)

If you want to host an exhibit at a meeting that isn’t part of our upcoming National Program, we can provide you with logistical support through our Loaner Program.

The Loaner Program includes a collection of portable exhibits that can be used on a tabletop, in a 10-foot floor space, or with banner stands. All three exhibit types include a variety of graphic elements and key messages, and they can be borrowed for special events, meetings, and conventions.

If our collection doesn’t quite meet your needs, we may be able to design special graphics for a portable exhibit that are tailored to your program or for your audience at the event. Please contact us by using the Feedback section of this site to learn more about how we can help you with tailoring graphics for an exhibit.

Hosting an exhibit at a meeting can be a great experience, providing excellent benefits for your program and your audience. However, doing it successfully requires careful planning. To help you with this process, please refer to our:


NCI Division, Office, and Centers' Responsibilities:

  • Select and pay for booth space and show services
  • Select appropriate graphic panels from the Exhibit Catalog and complete the online order form, at least 15 working days in advance of the meeting
  • Pay for exhibit shipping charges by providing Common Accounting Number (CAN) on the online order form
  • Provide appropriate materials/literature for booth
  • Provide appropriate and knowledgeable staff for booth
  • Set up and dismantle the exhibit
  • Pack exhibit graphics, frame(s), and care kits and make certain shipment is at the appropriate place for pick-up and return shipping
  • Provide feedback and suggestions for improvements

NCI Exhibit Program Staff Responsibilities:

  • Arrange shipping of exhibit panels, frame(s), and care kits (in good condition) to and from requested location
  • Provide set-up and dismantle instructions [see Tips For Loaner Program]
  • Consult with DOCs pertaining to audiences, exhibit selection, and other factors
  • Provide resources such as exhibit program website
  • Provide and store loaner program structures