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National Cancer Institute Exhibit Program

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These exhibits are for the NCI National Exhibit Program use only.

40 by 40 Island

The most recent addition to the NCI custom exhibit inventory, it was designed to promote several NCI programs/branches and the NCI Meet the Experts (MTE) Sessions within one exhibit space at large scientific conferences such as AACR, ASCO, and BIO. The Main tower area contains the booth's storage and projection screen areas, as well as the interactive Virtual NCI Publication Ordering Kiosk. Seven separate stations allow for computer access, storage, and interchangeable signage capability. The structure can also be reduced to a 30x30 space by eliminating two of the stations and a literature kiosk, and into a 20x20 by eliminating three of the stations. In the 40x40 and 30x30 configurations, the booth maintains the capability to set-up a theater-style seating; 20x20 configuration allows for only an informal seating area.

20 by 20 Island

The 20'x20' Island booth is designed to store and display a variety of printed materials in an organized way. Exhibit also holds three computers and one overhead flat screen for demonstrations. Also included are one low table and three chairs.